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    The Fees & Costs of a Paraquat Lawsuit.

    If you’d like to explore the option of seeking damages in a Paraquat lawsuit, you need to find an experienced law firm to represent you. If you live in [city], search for law firms that provide low or no cost case evaluations. The costs of hiring an Paraquat attorney vary from firm to firm but traditionally, the amount that a law firm charges is based on how much they are able to recover for you.

    Have there been Financial Settlements Involving Paraquat?

    So far, the most well known lawsuit filed in 2017 against the manufacturers of Paraquat, Syngenta and Growmark, is still in the process of settlement. The defendants in that case are farm owners, workers, and laborers who developed Parkinson’s disease after Paraquat use. Hundreds of additional lawsuits are expected to be filed in the coming years after more information is spread about the connection between Parkinson’s disease and Paraquat.

    Have there been any Paraquat Recalls or Warnings?

    The connection between Paraquat and Parkinson’s disease was not widely known to the public until recently and no major recalls or warnings have been provided to the users of it. To obtain and use Paraquat, a worker has to be certified but the dangers of using Paraquat are not properly disclosed during these training sessions. In 2017, the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, promised to research the connection between Parkinson’s disease and Paraquat but no recalls or warnings have resulted from this. Currently, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Toxicology Program (or NTP) is also reviewing the connection between Parkinson’s disease and Paraquat. They are attempting to use the numerous studies that have been published on the subject to map the evidence of the association.

    If you have developed Parkinson’s Disease after exposure to Paraquat, we believe that you are entitled to financial compensation due to the manufacturer’s lack of adequate warning of the harmful side effects of Paraquat. To file a Paraquat lawsuit, contact an lawyer.

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